Saturday, May 16, 2009

Permission to enjoy the moments

The house is a wreck
The sink is full of dishes
The floor needs to be swept and vacuumed
Bills need to be paid....

BUT we had a Fun Family Day today...

and I am Thankful.

Daddy was off work today and after going to t-ball for a whole 20 minutes, the lightening and thunder began and we were forced to end the game.

We then came home, had a nice lunch together.. (at the Table!)
After a bit we went outside into the thunderstorm bright sun and washed both cars, then played in the water.

I can truly say we had a great time... together. We don't have enough of these moments, and today we realized that we need to change that.

It was hard not having Brayden running around with us.. getting soaked in the hose and screetching with glee along with his brother. It surely left something missing.
Jake put a pinwheel in the yard a few weeks ago and it has stayed there.
Today it was a special way to feel a bit of Brayden with us.
I can still see him running over and smiling with excitment as the wind blew it around and around.

But we allowed ourselves to smile... and laugh... alot.
We gave ourselves permission to have fun.
to live life.. and enjoy the moments
and that felt so good.
I know that this peace, and joy comes from above. I am blessed by my Heavenly Father and in awe of the grace He pours on us. Thankful for the joy he has given me, and amazed by how much He loves me.

"Those who sow in tears, reap in Joy." Psalm 126:5 ; thankful for that promise.

Today I feel so blessed for my family. My heart will always have hole missing for my precious baby boy, but I am truly thankful for those I am surrounded by.

I will never know why I was given this road to walk, this side of Heaven. But I am thankful that I need not walk it alone.

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Grandma~rella said...

I LOVE this posting! :) To see the sun through the storm~THAT'S wonderful! May your heart continue to be filled with happy things, happy thought's and happy memories~ God's love is is like the wind to the pinwheel~keeps us going around and round. :) (((HUGS)))