Monday, June 22, 2009

a special gift

After spending a nice day with my family for Father's Day today (which I blogged about HERE), we stopped by the cemetary. My friend Jess and her son, are here and this was the first time she has been back since the service. Just as we were about to leave Jess looked up in the tree that is behind Brayden's stone and spotted a beautiful dragonfly! It was such a beautiful dragonfly with yellow and black striped wings. It sat still and quiet on an empty small branch and the top of the tree for a very long time. If you read this blog you know about my tattoo and how much dragonfly's mean to me so you will understand that I felt like this was a gift. a sign. Like a little smile from Heaven... my baby boy just letting me know that he is still right here.. all around us. I believe that he is watching us from above and smiling down on us. I can't wait till the day I get to hold my precious Brayden again.. to hug him tight.. and kiss his head.

Until that day I will try to live each day the best I can... treasuring all the moments with my family here... thankful for the moments.

And I am thankful today... for this gift.


mommy of four! said...

wow, i was fine until i read about the dragon fly!! that is so cool Michelle, God is still near to you and knows EXACTLY what you need at EVERY moment!!praying you can feel his arms wrapped around you today!

Holly said...

How very cool! You can see it quite clearly in the photos too!
Speaking of photos, I have NOT forgotten to do one for Brayden's gallery! Sorry it's not very New Zealand themed, but it's winter here and we've had a lot of just HIDEOUS weather!
This photo was taken in the Christchurch Cathedral, next to the prayer requests area.