Friday, June 19, 2009

Jake's Tattoo

On Monday afternoon, Jake got off work early and went to get his memorial tattoo done. He is so pleased with how it came out after going around and around about what to do and trying to draw it out. He was originally going to do a cross he designed with the letters on the cross. He later found a picture of this awesome tribal cross. We had Hollie, an artist who does tattoo's draw a similar cross but include Brayden's Initials inside the design. She did an amazing job and here is the end Result! Brayden Russell Zieg will forever have a place in his mommy and daddy's hearts... but we know have a piece of him ON and with us forever.
Jake got this tattoo on his left forearm. He wanted to be able to look at it often as a reminder of Brayden. He also wanted it there to symbolize one of our favorite memories of Brayden. He LOVED music, and LOVED to dance. Every Sunday at church we would go get Brayden from his class at the end of service in time for worship. Jake would sit him up on his chest so he was high above most of us. As we sang and worshiped Brayden would dance, swaying back and forth, raise his arms and swing them around, clapping and smiling in absolute joy. It was a beautiful sight to see him praising Jesus! It brought a smile to our faces (and all those around us!) and became a special part of our church experience.
Because of this special memory Jake really wanted his tattoo on his forearm. This way whenever he lifts his arms to praise Jesus, the cross with Brayden's initials will be lifted to Jesus as well. He is with us in spirit, but better than that we KNOW that he is up in heaven worshiping the Heavenly Father and dancing his little heart out! What a sight and experience that must be!! Can't wait till the day will be able to join him at the feet of Jesus.

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