Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Angelversary Balloons for Brayden

This year, for Brayden's 2nd "Angelversary" we deicded to go to a local park. The whole SC family came along on a hot yet windy Sunday evening for our traditional Balloon Release.

Big Brother, Nathaniel, always enjoys helping and being a part of the releases. The balloons have become special to him and he often will 'send his balloon to Brayden' with a hug and kiss throughout the year.
As we have done in the past, we wrote messages on the balloons to Brayden, saying how much we love and miss him.

This year was extra special as the kids were all older and participated more than usual. Nathaniel and Paulie both enjoyed decorating their balloon and Nathaniel wrote special messages to his lil brother. Even Elliana, with Nana's help, decorated a balloon to send up.

A dear friend (and adopted family member) wrote a special message for us to use for the balloon release. It is our hope that others who find the balloons will be blessed and may read about the story of Brayden.

As we honor and remember Brayden's life, it is a day of celebration and smiles. Though there are tears, there is also laughter and joy.

Each on of us took the time to send up our balloons to Brayden, and watched as they flew up to the sky...

It offers a sweet comfort as we take a tangible item, as the balloon, and release it up to Heaven. Though we may never know what Heaven is like until we get there, we chose to believe that Brayden is there, looking down on us. We ask that Jesus will give him special hugs and kisses for us and "collect the balloons" for Brayden, sharing our special messages with him, on this special day.

Those who are not close by to be with us, are often with us in Spirit. We wrote messages and sent up special balloons for friends and family members from around the world.
Papa and Gramma sent us this beautiful bouquet of flowers this year to remind us that they hold us close in their hearts and are thinking about all of us this day. It was such a sweet suprise and brought us a smile as we thought of them and looked at the flowers that brightened up our living room.

Brayden, you are missed and loved so much. We chose to celebrate you, and all the wonderful moments we had with you. Can't wait till the day when we will see you and hold you again.
We love you!!!


pinksarahh said...

What a touching post! Always thinking and praying for you and your family. Loved those beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you, Alyson, her friend Sami and I each sent gold, white and red balloon that evening. We said a little blessing before we released our balloons.

Love Jess

Anonymous said...

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