Saturday, June 5, 2010

2 years...

Two long years... that flew by way to fast.
I still can't hardly wrap my head around the facts.
I still can't believe what this day means.

How can it be?
How can I have made it this long...
It's getting harder to remember... yet I will never forget.

Oh I wish Elliana could know him.
So many things he has missed...
Life is so incomplete without him.

My heart still hurts so badly
My arms to ache to hold him close.

so many questions unanswered
so many unfulfilled dreams...

But, Life is getting better...
there are many more happy days now.
A new hope, and new vision drives me some how.
I'm determined to see something positive
come from all this heartache and pain.
I refuse to let nothing good come from this tragedy.

The tears still run freely
they come from the depth of my soul.
Yet, not near as often as they used to...

I just can't believe it's been two years
feels just like yesterday
yet it was an eternity ago

Each day I count my blessings
the many gifts I still hold here on earth
May I never take these precious moments for granted
but keep them close in my heart

I choose to keep moving on
One step at a time
A prayer for each moment
strength, comfort, and peace from above

For I know He's not finished with me yet.

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