Saturday, January 30, 2010

Balloons for Brayden

I am a bit delayed in posting this but I just haven't gotten myself together to upload the pictures or to take the time and work on the post... so anyhow, here it is.

In celebration of Brayden's birthday this year we had a small get together with family and some close friends. We wanted to do another balloon release together and we also had some food and fellowship just visiting and remembering our sweet baby boy on his 3rd birthday.

This year we decided to do something different and we tied a small message to the balloons so that whomever and wherever they were found would know the story behind them and be invited to read more of Brayden's story here.

We also wrote messages to Brayden on the balloons
There were Smiles sent from Nana...

Kelly and Bella sent up sweet birthday wishes...

Auntie Em shared her love...

even sent up some messages from Grandpop

big brother, Nathaniel, drew a special picture and wrote a special note....
Uncle Brant and smilie Avery celebrated with us as well.

Everyone gathered out back and paused to think and remember Brayden as we listed to "Fly to Jesus" by Chris Rice.

Cousin Paulie waiting to release his balloon

And then we slowly sent up our Balloons to Brayden...

This year, unlike last, the balloons were flying into the trees and getting stuck! A few people mentioned that it felt like Brayden, not wanting to let go... just as we don't want to let go of him and don't want him to drift further from us.

Little by little they began to break through the branches and make there way up to the clouds. Praying Jesus gave them to Brayden for us with lots of special hugs and kisses from all of us!
Hapy Birthday Brayden! We miss you so much and love you more than ever!
In our heart forever....

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