Friday, June 3, 2011

First Responder

For a long time now I have had lots of questions.
Truths I really don't want to be told, things I'm not sure I want to hear... but answers that yet, I feel I need.
Ever since the accident I have wanted to know why we never left the house that night. I have read, heard and met many others who went through similar accidents, and each one of them was rushed, usually airlifted, to the hospital.
Why is it that it took (what seemed to me) forever for EMS to arrive?
Why did the firetruck arrive first and not until several moments later the ambulance?
Do the first responders truly have the same training and equipment as the ambulance/ paramedic??
... Would any of this really made a difference?
An opportunity showed up at one of the most unexpected times.
It was May 22, 2011.
2nd Annual Water Safety Day
I saw a few of the members of the fire department looking at the B.O.B table and saw them talking. I didn't think much of it. We had invited them (for the 2nd year) to come participate with us and looked forward to partnering with them more in the future.
It wasn't until I heard them talking about addresses and then a friend, Jo, turned to find me and ask me my address that I looked over and saw her.
As soon as our eyes met, I knew that the one Jo had been talking to, was one of those who responded the night of the accident.
A flood of emotions raced through me as I walked over to the group.
I could see the memories come flashing back as she shared how deeply Brayden's accident had impacted her. In fact, knowing that they were coming to a "drowning prevention" event, she had shared with a co-worker about our story... never assuming that we were the same family.
That was, until she saw Brayden's picture.
I was moved and encouraged as she shared how rare it is to get to meet or see a family again after a call, especially when it was a difficult outcome.
She was so thankful to see that we had made the decision to make something positive out of our tragedy and do all that we can to educate others.
I couldn't hold it in... I had to open the box and begin to ask some of the questions that had flooded my thoughts for so long. This was not the way, the setting that I had imagined. I did not feel prepared- but yet I just had to take the opportunity put in front of me.
Though emotions took over and I stumbled over words I did hear some things I needed to hear that day.
I didn't feel that I received the 'answers' I was looking for but somehow I still felt a bit of peace.
I don't believe in coincidences... I believe this was a divine meeting. I hope that it impacted her the way it impacted me and I am thankful.

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