Friday, February 18, 2011

A kiss from you...

It is an absolutely beautiful day here today. The sun is shinning, the gentle breeze is calming and the temp's are in the 70's!
While me and Ellie were out running errands we ended up right around the corner. With not a specific time to be anywhere I couldn't we went to visit you today...
It put a smile on my face to see your colorful flowers. I wish I did better about bringing new ones more often. They even kept the pinwheel's in this time. Today there was the perfect amount of wind to set them spinning away. How you would have squealed in delight to have seen them go. Elliana loved them too. When the wind would stop it made her sad so she would use her hand to keep them going. I tried to teach her how to blow them (o: What I wouldn't give to see the two of you together. The fun we would have while Bubby is in school. The three of you together would have been even more of a sight... the adventures we would have! I'm tired just thinking about all the energy! Oh, but the laughter and playing would be music to my ears.
Without you here our family has such a void. The lack of your presence feels like such a hole. I love to see Thanie and Ellie play together... and the moments when you see how much they love each other mean so much. Yet their age difference makes it a little difficult. They will never really be able to play together as I know you both would have. (As would have been with you and Ellie as well) The bond they share, though special, is different. Thanie is such a good big brother... looking after lil sister, as I'm sure you would too. Oh how very much we miss you! I remind her often that she has a big brother watching out from Heaven! And what an advantage and full view you have! (o:

As I sat there just dreaming and thinking of you the neatest thing happened. Out of nowhere came a butterfly, the only one is sight, and it landed right on the pinwheel we'd been playing with. And just as quickly as it landed... it was off again. Gently brushed my arm as it flew away.
It was small and so beautiful.
It was quick and so meaningful.
What I wouldn't give to have a picture of that moment! Yet now it is just as everything else... and just a memory. One I will cherish in my thoughts and in my heart.
The simplest thing... brought such a smile to my face. And all I could do is look up and say "Thank you!"
For I felt that it was a kiss from you.

Love to you to the moon...

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mommy of Five said...

just wanted you to know i'm thinking about you Brayden and family =0)