Wednesday, February 2, 2011

fading memories...

I worked on your scrapbook tonight,
as I have many nights before.
This time was different...
As I flipped through the pictures
of your life that we knew
the memories came flooding back.
Memories that had otherwise felt

Could it be that the memories are fading?
For the memories are all I have left of you.
I know it is impossible to remember each and every day
to never forget a thing
But what I wouldn't give to have that chance.
I want to remember all the details
I want to always hear all the sounds...
like your laughter as you played and tickled with daddy
and your cry for "Momma" through the night...
I want to never forget the exasperated look on your face as you flung your head back so dramatically or that sweet smile of joy as you danced.
I want to always feel the weight of your hugs as you cuddled so close
and cling on to the happiness, the gift of each day we were given.

So as I gaze through these pages
I am so thankful for so many pictures.
I marvel the many fun times we had.
I am even more motivated to complete this sometimes difficult task
and to create a treasure of the precious memories.
A treasure to remind
A treasure to bring joy
A treasure to carry a legacy...

Within, holds memories that may fade from my mind on the surface
but will last with me, in my heart .. for a lifetime.

Missing you so much tonight. Wishing I had more than just the memories...

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