Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So.. reality hit tonight as I ripped open the fed ex package I picked up. I opened the bag (then another, and finally another!) to reveal some very special bracelets. Our Because of BRAYDEN wrist bands. It is our first fundraiser for the Water Safety Charity. We will be sellling them for $5 each to raise money for self rescue lesson scholarships as well as training for future ISR instructors.

I don't know if it was seeing his name, knowing the meaning, or reading the words, "Drowning Awareness". But a flood of emotions hit as I placed the bracelet on my wrist.
This really is going to happen. We are going to make this happen.
Thia is what we have been waiting for...
The positive from the pain.
The Good in such a tragedy.

Lives will be saved, eyes will be opened, and awareness will spread.

I'm so excited avout this opportuinity and the great things that lie ahead.
Hopes, Dreams, thoughts.....


mommy of Five said...

wow! i am praying hard for you guys!

chia_momma said...

When will you start selling the bracelets?

Mommyof3gifts said...

We have actually had a few people buy the bracelets already, so your welcome to them whenever! We hope to get things set up with the fund this week! (: Thanks for the support!