Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday's Walk ... Down Memory lane...

Outside Fun!

Brayden Loved playing outside. One of the main reasons we chose this house was for the large backyard. Many days were spent outside playing (:
The memory I chose to highlight today is captured in the picture above. You see, Brayden loved to be outside, but didn't like the way the grass felt on his legs. If he was barefoot or had sandals he was also hesitant get out. Before he was able to walk, Brayden would "crawl" on his hands and feet in the grass so that his legs would not touch the grass. It was so funny to watch. I wish I had it on video... but at least we have this picture. It makes me laugh just looking at it. I remember so well seeing him getting all over the yard this way!
My silly little guy....

Cheese! Hi everyone... my little ham (:

Brayden was so excited once he began walking... and learing to walk outisde on the grass was nothing short of fun. In no time he was running all over the yard trying to catch up with his brother. Brayden never wanted to miss a thing and it was such a joy to watch him take everything in.

Love you baby boy... Would love to see you outside running around now. The fun we would have...
Thank you for all the smiles, for all the memories.
I miss you more than anyone could ever know. love you so much..


Lynnette Kraft said...

What an absolute cutie! Boys seem to love the outdoors.

I'm so glad you linked up.

Sally-Ann said...

What an adorable little boy! My daughter was the same way with grass, wouldn't even pick-up anything if it fell off the blanket and onto the grass. I loved looking at the photos and reading the memories you shared