Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A creative Name

It has really been heavy on my heart lately to start a support group for parents who have lost small children. I know that part of this is selfish because I want it for myself, but I really do want to help others. To know that my story, my journey would be able to help someone else means so much. I want this to have something good from it.

Things are still very much in the works and I have no idea how long before it could become a reality.. but I am hopeful (and prayerful!)

One of the big things I am struggling with is a name! I have no idea what to call the group?!? I thought about doing something with Brayden's Name to honor Him (ex. Brayden's Hope, Because of Brayden...) But I worry that makes it too much about Him. I also thought about trying to make an acrostick (sp?) but I am so not creative. I also considered Heart to Heart... since thats really what I want to do, just share our hearts and journeys with each other. Our hard times and good times, tears and laughter... But , I kinda think that one just sounds cheesey!

SO Help!! Anyone out there reading have any ideas? suggestions??? Please share!!


Melina said...

How about Brayden's Bunch or Brayden's Buddies?

Many hugs to you and lots of prayers and support for you in this endeavor.

jmberrygirl said...

I like Brayden's Bunch. Prayers. Your story has touched me.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking maybe something to do with Dragonflies or Pinwheels.
XXOO, Jess S.