Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Four years ago today I was given one of the greatest gifts I ever recieved.
Four years ago today, I looked into the face of a precious baby boy.
Four years ago today, I began what is now one of the most special 17 months of my life.
Four years ago I became Mommy to Brayden Russell.

There was no planning a party, there were no candles on a cake
Instead of wrapping presents... I was making new floral arrangements.
There are visits with friends to Chuck E Cheese... only visits to the cemetary.
His Birthday's have lost there joy.

It's a day of reflection
A day of memories
A day of wishing
A day of of missing.

Today, even though there are tears, I choose to be Thankful.
Though there is sadness, I am Thankful for this day he was born
Though I yearn and ache for more, I am Thankful for each day, each moment of the 17 months and one day we were given
I amThankful for the memories we have.

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Brayden... I love you so much. We miss you more and more each day. What I wouldn't give to see how big you would be, what you would be into, the excitement as you celebrate your day. I can only imagine what this day must be like in Heaven. I can't wait for the day we will hold you and party with you again.
Jesus, Please give my baby boy hugs for me today... remind him how much we love him and miss him.
Hold him... till we can hold him again.

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