Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4

As is each "family" event yesterday was another one of those event days where I was really missing my Brayden. It just never seems right to all get together without him. We went as a family to the cemetary. Took flag pinwheels and small flags to add to the arrangements. I know he would have loved the pinwheels so much. We also took a pinwheel with us to the park for fireworks.. it always feels good to have something.. a peice of him there... to feel that he is with us. Here are some pictures from our day...

Big Brother, Nathaniel heloing place some American Flag's into the arrangements.

The dragonflies were here again today!! Although this time there were several! There were in Brayden's tree and flying all around, it was special to see them again. I love these little signs... to know Brayden is with us.. and smiling down on us.

Getting ready for the fireworks!

We love you and miss you so much baby boy! Not a day goes by we don't think of you.. and wish you were with us.

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