Sunday, February 1, 2009

Memory Quilt

I finally got my quilt! ... Here is the memory quilt we had made with some of Brayden's clothing. A lady right here in Summerville made it for us and did an incredible job! We had some things embroidered with his name and birth information as well as some fun memories. Cuddle Bug, Mr. Independent, loves his belly button, and fearless.

It was originally going to be crib quilt size but we had to many things and wanted them to be big enough to see the peices so it is not a full lap quilt. I love that it is one more thing tangible to cuddle up with and hold onto. I am so thankful that we found all these wonderful ways to preserve memories and honor Brayden. I Love having these precious items to hold onto forever.

I feel close to my baby when I cuddle under the blanket and hug tight to my bears... miss you baby boy.. love you so much... can't wait to truly hug and kiss you again one day...

...Today in church Pastor Greg talked about Heaven.. He talked about how things will be and one question he attempted to answer is how we will look/be in Heaven. He mentioned that he believes firmly that babies and young children will remain and be ressurected the same age. He believes that children are dear and close to God's heart and HE will give us the opportunity to reunite with them and then watch them grow up.. I love that thought!! Tears ran down my face as I realized that truth.. I've always believed that we will see our loved ones again in Heaven and we would recognize them as they were... but I never thought of it that way or considered having the opportunity to watch Brayden grow up..

I look forward more than ever to getting to heaven... I will see you one day soon baby boy.. love and miss you more than words can say....

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