Monday, August 16, 2010

The Pledge

We made it through our first Water Safety Day.. I can confidently say that I believe it was a true sucess. The highlight of the day for me was kids safety pledge. We had all the children take a 5 point safety pledge, promising to be safe around the water. They then signed a certificate they were able to take home with them and they also signed a banner for us to keep. It was awesome, emotional, and so exciting to see all the signatures fill the banner. Knowing that these kids are hearing prevention tips and hearing how to make good choices means so much to me. Whether they trash the certificate, or post it proudly on their wall I pray that some of the things they heard will be instilled in their minds.

My Water Safety Pledge

1. Never go near water without an adult.
2. Always swim with a buddy.
3. Wear a life jacket.
4. Read and obey all posted signs and rules.
5. When in trouble call an adult for help.

At the event we also had a Moon bounce and a Dunk Tank. The kids weren't able to participate in those activities until they received a ticket for signing their pledge certificate. They were then asked to state at least one water safety rule. It was so neat to hear them recalling and stating these important points aloud.

I can only pray that we made a difference in the hearts of these children. At the end of the day there were over 40 signatures on our banner. As I looked at it I broke down and began to cry. A good cry, one that is filled with hope that ese kids will remember what they heard and learned and will take one more step in being safe around the water.

...And I believe they will.


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